28 Mar 2020

Anxiety Therapy / Depression Therapy / Life Coaching

 Got “Coronavirus” Stress, Anxiety, Depression?

For many clients COVID-19 or “Coronavirus”   has added stress or  has triggered anxiety and depression symptoms.  It is my goal to continue to support my clients through offering strategies for Anxiety, Depression, and Stress through this unique time through video and remote therapy options.

Keep up the self-care that has worked for you in the past!

(exercise, sleep schedule, coffee before kids rise, alone time with spouse)
Although your schedule and responsibilities have changed, try to find time to keep the “tried and true” healthy habits a part of your day. COVID-19 Stress can quickly accumulate, so be sure to combat it daily.Be sure to limit anything that isn’t working for you (social media, news, inside all day). Check out this list of  self care habits to keep you going Indoor Self-Care. There is a lot of information on COVID-19 that can be helpful for your overall feelings, however, if you are not responsible it could also create fear and unnecessary worry if you over expose your anxiety and depression.

Actively “re-frame” situations

Instead of “I’m having to work from home” try “Hooray! for no commute time” or “I can’t go anywhere” to “I finally have some extra time to be at home.” This might be a challenge sometimes, but how we “think” about things is how we will “feel” about them. This is crucial. Negative perceptions can quickly snowball into “feeling down.” Good news is positive thoughts can do the same thing. Hang in there!

Take one day at a time

With so many things changing in short amounts of time, it is hard to keep up with expectations of yourself, kids, and partners. Trying to look to far ahead can trigger anxiety, irritability, and fear. Try taking the next 24 hours or sometimes even one hour at a time and set “bite sized” goals and expectations. Having everyone fed and logged into work/home-school can be the only goal some days!
If you are looking for a therapist that offers remote or video counseling/therapy sessions during this unknown time of COVID-19, please feel free to reach out to me.  We offer both Skype and Facetime  counseling  & video sessions for clients.
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