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Divorce, Communication Breakdown, No intimacy?

Men this is for you. Women, you’re welcome, feel free to send, tag, print and glue this to your husband:)

So you have been married 2, 7, 14, 20 years and one day the buzzing pauses and you stop and realize you aren’t that into your wife. Wait, or is your wife not that into you? What happened? 

 Is it time to go to couples counseling?

I mean you love her and there isn’t anyone else or anything. Not only that, but that sounds like a lot of work! You feel comfortable and loved but not HAPPY in your marriage, with yourself, and sure as heck your SEX LIFE. Is it time to enroll in couples counseling

There is a reason I prescribe DATE NIGHTS to my couples clients. I’ve seen them single-handedly keep couples out of the divorce attorney’s office. If you haven’t dated your wife in a few weeks, months, or years check out what can happen to her.

      1.She forgets you are into her

 If you stopped showing up at her door or stopped calling when you were “Dating” it would be natural that she would think you weren’t interested in dating her. If you sporadically dated your wife when you all “were dating” she would constantly question if you were really into her. It is important to have a regular date planned that she can look forward to, so she knows you are still into her!

      2.Your sex life falls short of satisfying

 Men are like frying pans, and women are like crock pots. Science has done an awesome job in letting us know that women are stimulated sexually through their BRAINS. That stimulation happens through conversations, sharing experiences, talking about things other than kids, schedules, chores, and money. When you date your wife you can bring up topics and share experiences that can naturally get your wife more in the mood!

     3.She stops trying to impress you.

 Going back to the if you stopped showing up at the door analogy…eventually, if you don’t show up for the 7:00pm date, your girlfriend puts her comfy pants and slippers on and gives up on you showing up. This happens when you share a home too. Take your wife on a date, let her have something to dress up for. Dating your wife is great for her self esteem! 

     4.She stops pursuing you

 So you’ve stopped knocking at the door and stopped calling and asking her out. Eventually, she is going to stop talking about wanting to date you too. Men need to feel wanted and desired too. If you want a wife that desires and initiates to sit close to you, “love on you,” kiss you, hold your hand, smile when she sees you, be sure you are making time on your calendar to have her do these things, dates are a carefree place your wife can be a wife and a woman. Behind every, confident and happy man is his well-dated wife.

     5.She forgets why you all should be married.

Dates produced those shared experiences, conversations, and feelings at the beginning that got you to the altar. If we take away the relationships supply, we are leaving the relationship starved from the very things that created it. Memories of the good times aren’t going to continue to produce the results you are probably looking for.  

Here are a few ideas that “Don’t Suck.” 31 Date Free Date Ideas

If you are interested in how to get your relationship back on track with  better communication, intimacy, work/life balance, conflict about household chores, I can help book today Book Pare Online

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