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Be Thankful for the Right to set Boundaries!

At last, Thanksgiving day! The day of thankfulness and reflection of the joys you have in your life! I truly do love Thanksgiving and the entire vibe of giving, sharing, abundance, relaxation, and family. It has all the perfect ingredients for an ideal Holiday. Unfortunately, family issues and relationship conflict are often called to the table…
However, it also can come with a hefty amount of expectations you or others put on you. Expectations to feel fulfilled, at peace, rested, in the mood of giving, and ultimately the expectation to get along with family members you may struggle with even being around most of the year. However, now since it’s Thanksgiving, you are supposed to share a piece of pie? Yikes!


This concoction of waking up early to start cooking on top of unresolved family conflict and hidden expectations is a one-way road to feeling emotionally drained after what should be a day of rejuvenated and connected feelings. It is important to have a clear plan of what boundaries you are wanting to set with family members before the day.  Be sure to specify and communicate the boundaries to everyone involved.  Here are few tips and things I encourage you to try this year to avoid “stuffing” your feelings, and maybe you can actually enjoy this year’s festivities!

How To Survive the Holidays with Family:

  • Set a time frame for your visit to their home
  • Set a timeframe for their visit to their home
  • Opt for no overnight guests
  • Avoid being alone with toxic family members
  • Take breaks! (Walk the dog, offer to go grab more ice, grab some private time
  • Avoid family members that you are uncomfortable being around inebriated
  • Don’t go into it sleep deprived
  • Don’t take on more than you can happily handle! (Delegate and ASK FOR HELP)

One last key piece of advice I know works well, don’t over plan your amount of time spent with family members.

You have a right to see how things are going before committing to more time spent.

❤ Pare

Healthy Communication=Happy Families

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