HC Counseling Services

HC therapists’ hold supplemental trainings and certifications allowing them to be focused and qualified in providing the following services to our clients:

Let us work with you to offer the extra support and guidance that you have been missing to accomplish your goals.

We provide the skills and support to couples for dating, premarital, or marital.

We strive to help you overcome depression symptoms as well as improve your mood and daily life.

Conflict resolution, finances, communication, parenting, and workplace/healthy relationships.

We have a certified massage therapist and nutritionist to help you care for your physical self too.

Everyone deserves to find a way to live free from constant fear and worry, let us help you find a way.

Communication is different for everyone, allow us to help your family resolve issues with a better understanding.

Our therapists’ provide a non-judgmental place for your teen to speak with a professional about their struggles.