Anxiety is real. Let us help you understand and feel more in control of your anxiety symptoms with anxiety therapy. Fear of the worse happening, irritability, inability to focus, “knots in your stomach”, chronic pain, constant worry, and racing thought are all common symptoms clients can experience.

When anxiety has become your “normal” functioning, it can be helpful to have a professional assist you in understanding what is “normal” and how to achieve feeling at peace in your body.

Our Anxiety Counseling Process
Everyone deserves to find a way to live free from constant fear and worry. We will provide the tools and techniques you need to take the control back.

Anxiety can manifest into different challenges. Our therapists often work with clients that have anxiety rooted from past sexual abuse, loss, significant trauma, abandonment, additions, and/or issues regarding childhood caregivers.

Anxiety assessment scores can be provided to your general provider if requested.

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