Need a workshop? Don’t want your staff to fall asleep during the presentation? Give Pare a call for a free consultation on you and your groups’ needs! Pare Underwood LPC provides staff development training and workshops to small and large audiences with goals such as conflict resolution, communication, financial habits, workplace relationships, parenting, and general healthy relationships.


Pare’s background of facilitating to a vast group of different types of audiences allows her to create personalized and productive experiences for your attendees.


This is NOT “just another workshop!”


Types of Workshops


– Self Care 101
– How to have a scream-free school year
– How to fight fair…for couples
– How to fight fair…for parents and teens
– Help! “Fix my teen”!
– Managing Stress…Parents of High School Teens
– Mini-Mommy retreats (Yoga included)


Pare Radillo also is certified to facilitate the following curriculums to your groups

– Trained in Active Relationship Curriculum
– Trained in 8-Habits of a Successful Marriage Curriculum
– Certified in Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts Curriculum
– Certified in 10 Great Dates
– Certified Parent Facilitator and Parent Coordinator
– Certified in Children in the Middle Curriculum
– Certified Strength training for Moms and Dads Curriculum
– Certified in Keeping Faith Curriculum


Types of Staff Development Trainings


Did you know that disengaged employees are unproductive employees?


Employee engagement doesn’t mean employee satisfaction. A satisfied employee might perform their daily 9 to 5 without complaint, but that same “satisfied” employee might not go the extra effort on her own and is probably more likely to take the headhunter’s call luring her away with a 10% bump in pay. Satisfied isn’t enough. (


Let me help you build thriving employees through learning about healthy relationships in and out of the workplace. I am trained to tailor your specific company’s needs to help create a fun, impactful, and productive workshop for you and your staff.

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