Brandy Smith, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR Certified

Arleen Martinez is the Care Coordinator for Heath Counseling. Prior to working for Heath Counseling, Arleen worked as a Dallas Police Detective for over 30 years. During her time with DPD, Arleen worked primarily child abuse cases, while also working in sexual assaults, and narcotics with a K9. Her unparalleled compassion and understanding with victims of violent crimes allows her to be an award-winning advocate for those who needed help most. Arleen was the first female K9 officer and first female Officer of the Year for DPD, and is a pioneer for women in her field. Her career as a detective gave her the tools to work in the mental health field, and she enjoys being able to continue to help people in a new role. Arleen acts as an added support for our therapists to make sure that clients have the best quality experience from the first call to any additional unique needs throughout their care. Arleen lives with her husband in Rockwall, and has two children.

Licensed Professional Counselor