Ragan Harrison MA, CFLE.

Masters Level Counselor

As a Masters Level Counselor, I am passionate about all things mental health & communication! I’m an instructor for Mental Health First Aid, MS in Family Therapy, and Certified Family Life Educator. I work with individuals, couples, families and specifically parent-teen dyads to improve communication, build trust and enhance relationships!

Unlike many traditional therapy modalities that focus on asking specific questions to help clients self-reflect and reach an undetermined conclusion; I work with clients without state licensure limitations to set goals, strategize concepts for change, and put tools to action.

My goal with every client I work with is to teach, encourage and assist them in using communication as a tool to build trust, encourage honesty, improve relationships, and enhance their lives. My greatest joy is watching relationships shift into more positive encounters for everyone involved.

I enjoy using my years in research of human development, neuroscience, family communications, psychology, and relationship analysis to help clients leave each session with a concept, tool and strategy to put into immediate action that can offer relief in their daily lives.

If you are struggling within yourself or your relationship I encourage you to reach out for a free consult so we can discuss your options to live your best life.

Professional Experience

Areas of specialization:

Co-parenting conflict

Parent Teen Relationships

Blended Family Challenges

Narcissistic Abuse Identification & Recovery

Communication & Relationship Enhancement

Teen/Adolescent Self-Esteem & Mood Enhancement

I look forward to meeting you “where you are at.”

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