Total Wellness Package

Sarah H. (Local)

Heath Counseling is a total wellness package that everyone should experience. I recommend it to everyone.

Professionalism and Positive

David Eaker (Attorney)

As a divorce attorney in Rockwall County, I regularly refer clients to Pare Radillo for individual counseling during such difficult times. After several years and many referrals, I have received nothing but fantastic feedback about the professionalism and positive assistance that Pare provides. I highly recommend her for any counseling needs you may have.


C Life Church ()

As a local Pastor, I frequently refer people to Heath Counseling. They are a great resource for anyone looking to work through inner struggles or relational conflict.

Knowledgeable, Professional and Passionate

Raina C. of Hanna 4 Hope Foundation (Founder)

Knowledgeable, professional and passionate about helping others. We are so proud to be a part of your team!

Always Professional and Patient

Rockwall Mom of 2 (Local)

Pare has always been professional and patient. She has many tools to offer, I recommend Heath Counseling to all of my fellow mom friends.

Gifted Therapists

Teacher and Mother of 4 (Local)

Practical Advise, sound instruction, accessibility, and individual attention to detail is what you get with Heath Counseling and their gifted Therapists.

Authentic Care

Rockwall Student (Local)

Heath Counseling is THE place to go for thorough, authentic care.

Knowledge of Care, and Dedication

Higher Hopes Counseling (Owner)

I have known and worked with Pare Radillo in a variety of capacities and her knowledge of care, and dedication to her client's mental health care is superior. She excels in leading the industry in thought and practice; Not only does she demonstrate her level of expertise through and through, but her heart is always for the betterment her clients, as well. She really, truly cares about each and everyone she serves. Her loving care, and the peaceful environment her practice provides make all the difference for long-term healing.